Company profile

  • Hyindai Autohow(a.k.a. AHow) is an in-vehicle AVNTES, ADAS-specialized product intergration company.
  • AHow delivered low-cost and middle-cost AVNs to Mobis ad after-market products, called ‘Eagle Ace’,’Eagle Genesis’ and ‘Eagle Special Pro’ since 2008.
  • AHow developed and sells Next Chip NVS3660 based vehicle driving recorder (a.k.a Car Blackbox)for DIO and after-market with an own brand, REMEMBER TM.(1Ch, 2Ch, LCD option)(Co-work with VADAS)
  • AHow developed and is ready to sell 2D/3D AVM products for PIO and after-market sales, including cutting-edge features.(Co-work with VADAS)